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Data security + Sustainability + Revenue

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Bulletproof Brand Protection.
Incomparable Value Recovery.

We deliver the most innovative and secure technology disposition services to leading companies around the world.

Data Security

We provide meticulous tracking, advanced data erasure and hard-core physical destruction of data‑bearing devices.

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Secure data erasure


We have ZERO LANDFILL commitment. We run on renewable energy, repurpose all your reusable equipment and parts and recycle everything else.

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Recycling electronics


We offer comprehensive testing, repair, and remarketing to recoup as much value as possible from your technology investment.

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Technology value recovery
Secure ITAD services

We do ITAD to the max

Max Transparency

Our TrackIT ERP system and our innovative customer portal provide visibility from initial receipt to final disposition. We believe in maximum transparency, so every device we touch is included in detailed reporting.

Max Yield

We maximize the number of your assets we save for remarketing and the average selling price of those units. We are the leaders in ITAD triage, testing, repair and strategic selling.

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End-to-end ITAD service,
flawlessly delivered.

Managing IT asset end-of-life is no easy matter. That’s why we’re here. We relentlessly manage the disposition process to maintain enterprise-wide sustainability and data security standards across all your platforms and geographies.

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