Data Destruction Done Right

We leave nothing to chance.

We are relentlessly committed to protecting your most precious asset and greatest vulnerability: your data. Our specialty is advanced data destruction.

Tireless tracking and transparency.

To ensure secure data destruction, we track every serial number on every device through our industry leading ERP. Together with a tailor-made, cloud-based customer portal, we offer complete visibility from receipt to final disposition.

Assurance & Security

  • Full scale risk mitigation and compliance services
  • Serialized Asset Tracking
  • Serialized Data Destruction reporting
  • Data Sanitization
  • Hard Drive Shredding
  • Industry Leading Online Client Portal
  • Abundant Insurance Coverage
  • Test and audit for all IT equipment
Tech recycling and repair services

In this FedEx video exclusive, HiTECH executives discuss the process of IT asset disposition, hard drive destruction, and how they have developed unique expertise for protecting their clients’ brands. Learn how HiTECH customers achieve peace-of-mind data security, environmental best practices and exceptional results.

Enterprise-wide compliance + sustainability.

It’s right for you, your shareholders, and the planet.

We transform tech recycling risks into positive environmental impact. Our program for repurposing reusable IT equipment and parts for original intent and recycling non-usable assets reduces greenhouse gas emissions and ensures that nothing ever goes to landfill.

We protect you from compliance risks.

Our solutions help your team avoid potential scrutiny at federal, state or local levels. You’ll never risk superfund status or other environmental nightmares. Not only do you protect your brand, you give yourself a new selling point by being an environmental steward.


  • Environmental Program Benefits Report
  • Superfund protection
  • Zero landfill policy
  • Federal, local and state compliance

In 2015, we saved enough energy to power nearly 20,000 homes

Contact us for your own detailed environmental impact report

Real return on assets. At last.

Self-fund your ITAD program

Reuse and Repair

Our meticulous evaluation process and deeper level of repair set us apart from other ITAD providers. Fortune 500 companies repeatedly chose our services after comparing us to the competition. We are committed to saving and selling more assets than anyone else.


We have decades of strategic selling experience for all types of IT devices, from mobility to POS to data center gear. We leverage multiple distribution channels to provide the best possible ROI.


  • Robust, transparent financial and Inventory Reporting
  • Industry leading Value Recovery/Revenue Share Program
  • Large Scale Asset Liquidations
  • Asset Remarketing
  • Asset Repair and Salvage
  • Lease Return Services
  • Material Recycling