A Tailored Approach To It Asset Disposal

We work with our clients in a number of different ways based on their specific needs.

We can work onsite, at your data center, or provide full logistics.

Our offering incorporates:

  • Onsite Services including materials, labor and pickup available
  • Data center services including server wipe and decommission
  • Advanced logistics, including a customized online portal
  • Facility End of Life (take outs, facility closure and consolidation)
Computer disposal services
Step 1

Onsite support

Experienced staff, materials and transportation are available on short notice for any size job, including on-site data destruction.

Step 2


Tracking starts here in our custom ERP built for flexible client service, data integrity and exhaustive reporting.

Step 3

Batching and sorting

Distinguishing HiTECH from other technology recyclers, our automated evaluation process makes for the most efficient value determination process in the industry.

Step 4

Data wiping and destruction

Our processes are independently certified and NIST 800-88 compliant, from data overwrite to physical destruction including IT asset and computer disposal.

Step 5

Status monitoring

Our unique ERP system, TrackIT, offers the best traceability in the industry — you will know exactly where your assets are from beginning to final disposition.

Step 6

Best-in-class repair

Our repair capabilities are the deepest in the industry bar none. Simply put, we save assets for remarketing that our competitors are forced to scrap.

Step 7


We remarket all IT classes — from smartphones to data center equipment — and maximize revenue by utilizing retail and wholesale channels.

Step 8


We recycle every piece of equipment not sold for reuse. Our process conserves natural resources, reduces carbon emissions and saves energy.

Step 9


Auditing is a critical component of our integrated platform. We capture and assess every relevant data point for every asset.