HiTECH has always been about return on investment.

We began as an IT-trading company at a time when most hard drive data destructionn, server disposal and IT asset recycling was performed in-house. We jumped at the opportunity to take a wasteful and often dangerous process and turn it into a secure, sustainable offering with a solid return.

Today we are over 100 employees spread across three secure IT recycling facilities in Memphis, TN, Oklahoma City, OK, and Phoenix, AZ. In 2015 alone, we processed over 440,000 electronic assets — and we expect demand to continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

IT asset recycling

We are:

Hard drive data destruction


Securing your most precious asset – your data – is our most important job. We leave nothing to chance as the serial number for every device is tracked, giving you complete visibility though the entire process. We generate certificates for every bit of data on every single device we clear or shred to deliver unprecedented, relentless transparency and security.

Secure IT recycling


We have long believed in the value of abundant investment in industry leadership. We have chaired key positions in industry organizations, spoken at international events and consulted for key agencies and legislators. We take our business seriously.

Server disposal services


Risks abound in today's hi-tech world. Vulnerabilities grow as devices reach end of life. We are a resourceful partner that can transform your risks into opportunities and rewards. A proven industry leader who’s relentless in securing your data and providing creative solutions for each client in a transparent process.

Industry pioneers. Industry leaders.

As early leaders of best practices and certifications for ITAD and electronics recycling, we developed unique expertise for protecting our clients’ businesses and preserving their brands.

Senior Leadership

Alon Moritz


Dave Ryan

Chief Revenue Officer

Chris Macias

Head of Production

Julie Moler



HiTECH holds itself to the highest standards in the market, meeting or exceeding every relevant standard. Confirmed through rigorous independent third party auditing, HiTECH maintains certification to the following leading standards at its Oklahoma City and Memphis facilities:


R2 is the leading global standard for electronics reuse and recycling. The R2 standard establishes best practices for data security, environmental protection, worker safety, and transparency. HiTECH has held leadership positions on the R2 Technical Advisory Committee for several years, enhancing and advocating for the standard.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the globally recognized standard for a quality management system. HiTECH leverages these well-established processes to ensure consistency and continuous improvement throughout its operations and to deliver excellent service to its clients and products to its customers.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is globally recognized as a standard for environmental management systems, ensuring environmental impacts are analyzed and minimized. HiTECH pursues not only elimination of negative environmental impacts, but also growth of positive environmental impacts through the reuse and recycling of equipment and materials. HiTECH's measurements of these benefits are routinely shared with our clients to recognize the achievements of their IT programs.

OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001 is a management system standard specifically focused on identifying and mitigating hazards to worker health & safety. HiTECH seeks to keep every employee safe every day, and actively analyzes its processes for improvement and trains its employees on the potential risks within the workplace and processes.


The Recycling Industry Operating Standard © (RIOS) is the foremost integrated standard for quality, environmental, and health & safety management systems. RIOS is optimized for the recycling industry and has been adopted around the world. HiTECH has held leadership positions on the RIOS board of directors for several years, driving development and adoption of RIOS throughout the recycling industry.

Circle of Safety Excellence

HiTECH is a charter member of the Circle of Safety Excellence, providing benchmarking in our protection of our employees' safety and advocating for safe work practices throughout the industry.

Thoughtful thought leadership

We are actively involved in our industry to ensure we drive innovation and sustainability standards, including consulting for the EPA, the Congressional Recycling Caucus and United States International Trade Commission.

We have chaired or are currently involved with the following organizations and events:

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI)

Global Recycling Standards Organization (GRSO)

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)

International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM)

E-Scrap Conference

Electronics Reuse Conference

Computing Technology Industry Trade Association (CompTIA)